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August 2022

This Time It’s Personal
"I decided on making a ragout; I love the way it makes the house smell... it doesn’t get much more comforting for me than that."
From our cookbook, Gjelina: Cooking From Venice, California
Looking Back to See Ahead
Conversation between Shelley Kleyn Armistead and Isabel Hernandez, translated by Santiago Reyes Kalfopulos.
“Our connection to food is more important now than ever. So is our appreciation of the people who feed us.”
“Food is the blood of our family. It’s our love language; a common ground."

July 2022

"My favorite way to experience dark chocolate is to unwrap a bunch and try them all side by side so I can taste the differences."
A conversation between Susannah Liguori and Ibby Anda
How our team does Venice.
"Pollen usually has this chalky, kinda bland-but-a-little-sweet taste. The pollen we are harvesting... it's almost like candy."